Our work

Battle Aftermath VFX

Complementary VFXs for all the awesome destruction happening in your game

Hit & Slashes Vol.3

The most recent version of your favorite Hit animations! :D

UI Hand Animations

For you guys making mobile games and want to show your users how to do stuff :)

The Emotion Gallery

Awesome, funny, cute emoticons for your game!

Regen VFX

Visual effect for healing and related stuff :D

Enchanting Nature VFX

Wanna add some extra love to your project? extra mysticism?

Spells VFX Vol.1

Meteors! Heals! Shields! and more :D

Map Pings VFX

Like "DANGER" or "WARNING" or "HELP!", etc.

Town Portal Spells VFX

A nice collection of TP's for RPG games or MOBA.

Lowpoly Trees Pack

A small pack of very awesome low poly trees :D

Hit & Slashes vol.1

Various punches, hits, slashes animations/vfx

Ranks VFX

Bronze rank!, silver!, gold!, platinum, diamond and masters :D

Blood & Slashes

Very cool bloody hit/slashes animations!

Cutie Cute FX Pack

Some very cheerful stuff :D

Hits & Slashes Vol.2

More punches, hits, slashes animations. More awesome!

2D Space Shooter

First version. Lasers, Rockets, Explosions, Trails and more :D

Pure Blood VFX

More blood! this time is pure blood fx, no hit animations

2D Fire Arsenal

More 2D Fire VFX, bonfires, awesome trails, explosions and more!

2D Fire Awesomeness

First volume of cool 2D Fire explosions

Energy/Magic Shots & Hits

First volume of various shots with their respective hit animations

2D Tower Defense FX

Various type of elemental projectiles/explosions VFX

Sci-fi UI Alerts FX

Like "danger" or "targeting", sci-fi stylized

Status VFX

Like "poison" or "fear", "stun" typical rpg/moba stuff :D

Low Poly Nature Kit vol.1

First version of low poly models, more to come!